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About Martin Toe

Martin Toe is a dynamic American powerhouse AFROPop/ rhythm Hip-Hop artist from Southern, New Hampshire. From African roots, Martin inspires his fans to be unstoppable through a combination of raw energy and undaunted lyrics. His music promotes diversity and overcoming all obstacles, pulling from his experiences with loss, war trauma, and hurt.

Singer, songwriter, and author Martin Toe survived the Ivorian and Liberian civil war and has become a serial change maker. Martin wants to empower the youth with his music, and his message is to embrace the notion of a civic leader who puts empathy first and foremost. 

The album speaks to the masses, shares his vision, but remains humble to the core. ‘Civic Leader’ is an entire project, and the story goes beyond Martin Toe, and captures the heart and soul of listeners, exhorting them to utilize their time, speak about their passions, and follow their heart’s desires to bring their dreams to fruition. ‘Civic Leader’ will be especially liked by all those who feel their truth is being ignored and not heard. 

Martin’s previous works include the EPs ‘Direction’ and ‘Unblemished’, and singles such as ‘Mercy’, ‘Plenty’, and ‘Benefit’. Based in Concord, New Hampshire, Martin Toe’s initiatives and works remind his fans of a young Maya Angelou rising to question and challenge her oppressors. He is the author of “America Calls to Me: The Story of a Refugee Boy’s Journey”.